Social Cohesion Weeks

Social Cohesion Weeks

St. Mary's holds three Social Cohesion Weeks throughout the year - one per term.

  • Other Faiths & Religions - Autumn Term
  • Studley Parish & Community - Spring Term
  • Countries Around The World - Summer Term

Other Faiths & Religions

Pupils throughout the whole school will be learning about other faiths and religions other than Catholicism. Ministers and speakers will come into school to talk to the pupils about their faith. Volunteers and school governors will often support the pupils' learning by offering to cook cultural dishes for the pupils to taste, or to dress or teach songs or traditions from a religious culture. The pupils learn so much about other world religions.

  • Reception Class & Year 1 learn about Christianity - Visits include the Roman Catholic, Church of England, Baptist and Methodist Churches in Studley.
  • Year 2 learn about Hinduism - They visit a Hindu Temple in Coventry/Leamington Spa.
  • Year 3 learn about Judaism - They visit a Synagogue in Birmingham.
  • Year 4 learn about Sikhism - They visit a Sikh Temple in Leamington Spa.
  • Year 5 learn about Islam - They visit a Mosque in Coventry/Nuneaton.
  • Year 6 learn about Buddhism - They visit Sherbourne Hermitage just outside Stratford.

Studley Parish & Community

Pupils learn about the Studley village and our local community. Speakers and representatives from our Parish Council, Village Hall, Studley in Bloom and Community Services come into school to talk to the pupils.

Topics such as our local history; the old Studley Railway, St. Mary's School history and the village environment have been researched.  Community projects, such as our Studley Library service, the Studley Gateway Art Sculpture, the Jubilee Planting Competition and artwork to brighten up our local Co-op boards have also engaged our pupils.

St Mary's has recently embarked on a new project, co-ordinated with other Studley Schools to help raise funds towards the renovation of its village War Memorial.

Countries Around the World

Classes will be given a Continent and countries in that Continent will be researched by groups of pupils. They will learn about the Country; its flag, history, geography, leadership, wealth, industry, population and religions.  Pupils will produce fact sheets of their findings and a final end of term Assembly will highlight their findings - ie cultural traditions, dress, food, art, language, songs and dance.





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