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Voluntary Contributions

St. Mary’s Catholic Primary School Studley is a Voluntary Aided School. Our School Governors are responsible for funding 10% of all external repairs and improvements to the school, as well as providing the initial capital for any works they undertake. Our Governors have no income other than the voluntary contribution and are, therefore, reliant on parents paying the voluntary contribution in order to maintain the high standard of decoration and to improve facilities within the school.


The voluntary contribution is generally then divided between the Building and Maintenance Fund and the School Fund. School fund money is used for equipment and other costs within the school which cannot be provided by our main school budget. Our Governors offer a guide of £120.00 per family per annum (£10 per month) for a voluntary contribution. The school can gain extra income, if you're a taxpayer, through the Gift Aid scheme.


Mrs McDonnell who works in our School Office deals with Voluntary Contributions and Gift Aid and is always willing to answer any queries. Mrs McDonnell works in the office on a Tuesday.