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Sponsored Children

Imibala Trust


Every year our school is asked to sponsor children living in South African townships by supporting the work of the Imibala Trust. St. Mary's will be sponsoring three new children from ACJ Pakade Primary in September. After our Christmas productions and plays both at School and at Church, we ask for parental contributions. This money goes towards the children's welfare and education.


The children from South Africa write to us every year to thank us for supporting their schooling and their uniforms. Here's a few of their lovely thank you comments:


My teacher is satisifed with my school work. She knows that I would dearly love a school uniform. My mother is ill and cannot work and my father has passed away. I am one of a family of five children that has to survive on child support grants.



Dear Sponsor, Thank you for my new school clothes. I am in Grade 3. Love you, God Bless



I live with my parents and four siblings in a two-room house. Only my father is working and cannot afford my school needs. I enjoy doing athletics at school." Aphelete writes Dear Sponsor, Thank you for sponsoring me again this year. My new tracksuit and shoes came at the right time. It is winter in South Africa and very wet and cold. I am in Grade 5A and I promise to work very hard this year and make you proud of me. God Bless you and your Family for your kindness. All My Love.



I enjoy school and do well. In fact my teacher says that I am gifted. We are a family of five orphans who live with my aunt. Three of us are still at school and my oldest sister works as a domestic worker to help us as my aunt is unemployed. I love to dance.



Dear Sponsor, Thank you for my new clothes. I am in Grade 1. Love you, God Bless.


Plan International


St. Mary's continues to support the education and welfare of children in Indonesia. Plan International write to us annually to update us on the children’s health, education, and  family circumstances. They also update us on the progress and changes made in the villages in which they live. Our sponsored children live in remote and under-developed towns and villages and are  supported wonderfully by Plan International. They work alongside the families to improve their poor living conditions and help dig wells, introduce fresh clean water supplies and sanitary systems. They help communities to work together, introduce healthcare and welfare schemes, and build hospitals, schools, and community centres.