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School Bank



Our School Bank operates every Tuesday break-time and Mrs Lowe, (an employee of HSBC), will be on hand each week to support and ensure the smooth running of the business. It is primarily for the children but can be accessed by governors, staff and parents, (but not members of the public).


The accounts are only available to KS2 pupils and those pupils in Year 2 who have reached their seventh birthday.The bank encourages the children to take responsibility for their own money and is designed to give them an opportunity to save for the future. The children of Year 6 are given the task of running the bank. They will have supplied HSBC with completed job applications and many have undergone nerve-racking interviews in order to secure positions working in the bank.


I hope you’ll agree that this is a very exciting initiative, and a very worthwhile project from which we hope the children will also learn some valuable life skills.