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Learning Logs

At St Mary's we are very keen to promote opportunities for children to extend and consolidate their learning in the classroom and to encourage children to be independent learners.


We undertake Learning Logs across Key Stage 2 classes. Learning Logs provide an excellent opportunity for children to make their own choices in learning. The activities in the Logs each term are based on the topics covered in class. It's really fabulous to see the range of very creative work that the children have completed. We have had a fantastic range of cross-curricular work. Children have been cooking, painting, making games, models, masks, clothing, headdresses, recounting past experiences - the list is endless.


The work has been completed to a very high standard and has been shared and displayed in the classroom. Both the staff and the children are very proud of their work. The high quality is a result of the excellent support parents provide, working in partnership with school.