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Eco School

St. Mary's - Eco School


St. Mary's are always working hard to maintain and improve our environment. St. Mary’s Eco Committee is headed and organised by Mrs Chung (Healthy Eating/ Forest School Leader). The drive is to ensure that school sustains its efforts in helping to make St. Mary’s an ‘eco-friendly’ school.


Eco Monitors


Eco Monitors are elected annually from each class. They are given special eco responsibilities and roles.


Eco Projects undertaken  include:


  • Re-cycling - paper, toner, uniforms, batteries.
  • Composting - fruit and vegetable waste, kitchen and gardening waste.
  • Wildlife Area - providing habitats, pond life, planting and mulching.
  • Gardening - nurturing our 'Peace Garden' and planters.
  • Water Butts -collecting rainwater and using it for watering
  • Vegetable Garden - digging a plot for planting.
  • Seedlings & Crops - Sowing seeds and planting crops.
  • Herb & Salad Garden.
  • Hedge and Tree planting - Over 650 hedge plants and 60 trees planted.
  • Litter picking - keeping our school grounds tidy.
  • Monitoring electricity consumption within our school.
  • In the process of building an eco friendly greenhouse - out of pop bottles.
  • Switching off lights in empty classrooms.
  • Checking taps and drips - reducing our water consumption.


Our Eco Code


We all need to play a part in making our school HAPPY, SAFE & GREEN. 


  • Everyone can help to save energy, by turning off lights when not needed and closing doors to keep in the heat.
  • Care about ourselves. Eat only healthy snacks and walk to school whenever possible.
  • Open your hearts to Fairtrade and help poorer countries.
  • Team up for our school, by picking up litter and putting it in the bin.
  • Encourage everyone to Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. We recycle: paper, cardboard, plastic, tin, batteries, ink, cartridges and textiles.
  • All wildlife needs protecting. Provide habitats for them as well as providing food
  • Making a difference in the world, by using less plastic. This will help protect our environment, wildlife and the oceans.


Eco School's - Green Flag Re-accredited!


We thought you might like to read the Assessor's comment. Well done Mrs Chung once again and to the whole of the Eco Committee.


Assessor's Comments

"Mrs Chung is a wonderful role model for the children, she puts in so much of her time and energy into the Eco Committee and the work that they do. The Eco-Committee are so enthusiastic and knowledgeable. It is a very caring school and everyone is quite rightly so, very proud of their achievements. Well done and thank you for such a wonderful visit."