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Awards & Golden Work

Pupil Awards


We are so proud of all our pupils, but we celebrate those who have achieved or excelled in their after school and weekend clubs. These vary from Sports activities, Dance, Swimming, Gymnastics to Languages and Charity Fund Raising. Well done children, St. Mary's is very proud of you.


Virtue Certificates


St Mary’s Virtue Certificates are awarded to those who have exhibited something really special that has impressed and inspired a member of staff. Through their actions these children have displayed one of the virtues of Catholic Schools Profile. They may have been kind and thoughtful, generous compassionate or loving. But whatever they did, they showed they are growing in Christ’s love!


St. Mary's Hall of Fame


St Mary's Hall of Fame display board rocognises the achievement of pupils who collect the most house points over the course of a year.  House points are awarded to pupils from teachers and staff or through sporting achievements. Points are collected and counted weekly and when house point thresholds are met certificates are awarded. Take a look at our weekly school newsletter for current league tables and results.


Golden Work


Throughout each term a piece of Golden Work is selected by each Class Teacher and displayed on our Golden Work Board.


Outstanding pieces of work chosen for last months are available to view here. Congratulations to all our pupils!

Learning Logs


At St Mary's we are very keen to promote opportunities for children to extend and consolidate their learning in the classroom and to encourage children to be independent learners.


We have introduced Learning Logs across key stage 2 this year, with this in mind. Learning Logs provide an excellent opportunity for children to make their own choices in learning. The activities in the Logs each term are based on the topics covered in class. It's really fabulous to see the range of very creative work that the children have completed. We have had a fantastic range of cross-curricular work. Children have been cooking, painting, making games, models, masks, clothing, headdresses, recounting past experiences - the list is endless.


The work has been completed to a very high standard and has been shared and displayed in the classroom. Both the staff and the children are very proud of their work. The high quality is a result of the excellent support parents provide, working in partnership with school. We plan for the children to take their Learning Logs to their next class and to look back at and review their work. However we thought we'd like to share just some of the work with you.