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Foods of the World

Year 4 - Foods of the World - March 2015


A  great  big  thank you to Mrs Makris  for coming  into to Year 4  and  sharing  her  cooking  talents  with the  class. Year 4’s Humanities topic this term is Foods of the World and Mrs Makris  shared  three wonderful Greek dishes with the  pupils.


A big thank you to Mrs Ebanks who came into Year 4 to share with the children some of the marvellous recipes from Slovakia.  Year 4’s current humanities topic is Food from Around the World. It is a definite hit and the pupils  are  certainly ‘living  well at the moment!’  For your information the children had an opportunity to sample garlic sausages, stuffed  dumplings, stuffed  cabbage and a portion of cold cake, all of  which were delicious.





Mr Saleh (father of Nathanael), kindly came into Year 4 to share the tastes of Israeli food. The children had a chance to sample wonderful breads, dips and  meatballs from the Middle East. We are indebted to all the parents who have taken such an interest in sharing culinary dishes of their heritage.





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